Enjoy the benefits of furniture with ligature resistance in your mental health

Day after day, behavioral care facilities work to create safe and comfortable environments for their patients as well as staff SteelCell. The challenge is in designing and creating an environment of this nature. It is important that each room has furnishings without ligature or minimal ligature depending on how the room will be used and the level of supervision. For mental health centres, ligature resisting furniture is a great way to reduce the risks. It also helps create a healing and comfortable environment. To learn more, read on.

What is Ligature-Resistant Upholstery?

It is important to note that furniture with ligature protection has been specifically designed so as to limit the possibility of self-harm. The ligature resisting features of this furniture include smooth, rounded corners, bolt-down or weigh-down capabilities and tamperproof hardware.

Features to Prevent Ligature

Consider two factors: material and design, when you are looking for ligature-resistant furniture. It is essential that the materials are durable and virtually impossible to break. This will prevent danger. Rotationally moulded polyethylene can be an excellent example of material that is strong and durable. Cortech USA uses high-impact, polyethylene in the manufacture of all our furniture used for behavioral health. It increases durability and strength. All of our products are designed without dangerous edges, corners or sharp seams. Added features include ergonomic designs, weighting or bolting to the floors, and ease of cleaning.

Support Patients and Staff

Safety is the biggest benefit that mental health institutions receive from ligature-resistant furnishings. High-quality material and well-planned design will help to reduce physical injuries, allowing patients and workers to enjoy safe, comfortable areas that promote positive behavior.

Picking the Best Prison Furniture: 3 Tips

Choosing safe, effective and durable correctional furniture is a process that requires careful thought and time. Not only should durability and safety be considered but also comfort, relatability, and affordability. Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect prison furniture.

1. Safe and Tamper-Proof

In order to guarantee the safety of staff and prisoners, prison furniture needs to be both safe and impervious. Cortech USA’s Corrections Furniture is built with safety in mind and designed to last. For increased safety, all furniture on our website is constructed from materials that are “non breakable”, such as high density polyethylene. It means they are durable, secure, and resist lethal weapon production. The furniture will last for years, even if it is used regularly.

2. Easy-to-Clean Materials

A second tip to consider when picking the correct prison furniture is choosing materials that can be easily maintained. Material that is difficult to keep clean, like fabrics and metals, should be avoided. To help prevent bacteria from growing on our products (such as chairs, beds and tables for corrections), we infuse them with an antimicrobial agent called CORx. If you want to disinfect a surface regularly, all that is needed are a clean towel or wipe and whichever cleaning solution suits your needs.

3. Designs that Are Resistant to Ligatures

It is critical that corrections have furniture resistant to ligatures for the sake of safety and wellbeing. A design with rounded, sloping corners and edges is vital. With rotational mold technology, we can produce our furniture while keeping these essentials in mind. It also helps us avoid any seams or joint where hidden contraband might be.

This is just a small list of tips on how to choose furniture for corrections facilities. Each facility will have its own needs and there are likely other considerations. Cortech USA has a dedicated customer service team and sales representatives who are eager to walk you through this process.

Reduce Ligature risks in Correctional Facilities

Facilities for corrections are designed to be comfortable, supportive, safe, and secure. In order to meet the unique safety and design challenges posed by occupants who may have psychological difficulties, it is important that you take a variety of factors into account. It is crucial to create spaces in correctional facilities that will reduce ligature hazards.

Assess Physical Environment

Look for fixtures and objects in your environment that pose the risk of ligatures. In areas where supervision is less frequent, like in sleeping rooms or individual bedrooms, this becomes even more crucial. To name a few, you should check the following: toilets; doors; locks and lights fixtures. If you have any looping materials or other objects, remove them.

Install Furniture that Is Ligature Resistant

Rotationally molded polyethylene furniture is one of the most durable and safest types of furniture. Cortech USA beds, tables chairs and desks made from molded plastic are one-piece pieces that have rounded, smooth edges. These furniture items will never break, nor can they be converted into lethal weapons. You can install the furniture by using bolts to secure it on the wall, floor or both.

Examine Regularly

To reduce the risk of ligatures in correctional settings, it is important to regularly inspect every room. Regular inspections prevent unsafe situations and will keep occupants, staff and the entire facility safe.

Why safety is important in Behavioral health Furniture

It is important that behavioral furniture has safety features designed in. These are necessary to overcome the particular challenges faced by these facilities. It is important to choose furniture with “no-break”, single-piece materials, without joints or seams. Other features include ligature resistance and rounded corners. Why safety is so important in behavioral furniture.

Create An Environment For Healing

To create an environment that fosters healing and promotes well-being, behavioral health facilities place high value on this. In order to create an environment that promotes healing and well-being, behavioral healthcare facilities focus on furniture and decorations that are not only aesthetically pleasing but can also be safely used. Cortech USA offers several different behavioral chairs, made of “no -break”, flame-retardant plastic. You can choose between a few soothing colours. For safety reasons, all our furniture has smooth, rounded corners. We manufacture our furniture in a way that is both inviting and safe.

Keep Cleanliness in Mind

While addressing hygiene concerns, behavioral health facilities also aim to create comfortable areas for relaxation. Cortech USA produces rotationally molded furnishings that are designed to provide comfort. They also have no joints or seams. This prevents bodily liquids or liquids from penetrating through the surface or into the furniture. It allows staff to disinfect or clean it quickly.

Protect Patients and Employee

Last but not least, safety furniture in the behavioral health sector is vital to safeguard both staff and patients. Cortech USA has safety features in place to prevent patients from harming themselves and others. All of our furniture pieces are safe for any user.