Wear a Biker’s Shirt to Ride in Style

Bikers club style leather vest are unique. He gets noticed when he starts a fire on the road because of the way he looks, how edgy & tough he is dressed and his confident attitude. It is not only the motorcycle riders who love to burn streets, but also those of us that do!

It is important to keep in mind the importance of clothing when you are riding your bike. A comfortable and fun ride is ensured by wearing the correct clothing. Stiff Collar Biker’s shirt is for people who are looking to inject some attitude into their motorcycle riding. Denim shirts with a denim look add a touch of adventure to any biker’s outfit!

The 100% denim cotton fabric fits comfortably against your body as you ride. This fabric has been pre-treated to prevent wrinkles, so there’s no need to stress about looking good until you reach your destination. The yoke on this shirt has a raised layer of mesh that helps you to breathe and not sweat while riding.

With the extra large chest pockets, you can easily store all of your trinkets. You can store sunglasses behind the chest pocket on your right. Also, there is a pocket hidden inside the shirt that protects your valuables. Smartly stitched flaps on each side help you secure your cords and headphones so they are not blown away when driving.

Wear your denim bikers’ shirt half-tucked over a pair black or darkblue denim or leather pants. You can layer it by adding a grey vest or white round neck Tee under and leaving a few buttons exposed. The sleeves can be rolled to reveal some muscles. Accessorize with aviator sunnies, a chunky sporty watch or high tops shoes. Leather wristbands are great too.

Last, but certainly not least: don’t over-serious yourself. No matter if you own a bike, you can accessorize your shirt or wear it with jeans. The fun in riding a bike is being different and daring. Take the time to explore, discover and appreciate your surroundings. Enjoy yourself!